Why Choose Organic Prairie Meats?

We've got you covered, from farm to table.

Many of Organic Prairie’s production standards go above and beyond USDA organic rules, ensuring the meat we deliver to you is the safest and healthiest available anywhere.

  • Produced without the use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or GMOs—that’s what makes our meats organic.
  • Organic Prairie farmers practice respectful, humane animal care.
  • Our cattle graze organic pastures, and are finished on the farm, not on crowded, concrete feedlots. All poultry and hogs have free access to the outdoors.
  • Organic animals consume only organic, vegetarian feeds and no animal byproducts. This is your best protection against bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or Mad Cow Disease).
  • Farms, feed, and facilities meet—and often exceed—all organic certification standards as verified by annual third party inspections and regular visits by CROPP Cooperative/Organic Prairie staff.

There is much more to food safety than on-farm practices. We go beyond the gate with our animals to ensure quality and safety.

  • Humane animal care doesn’t end when our animals leave the farm.
  • Organic Prairie maintains meticulous records on every animal we raise and harvest, ensuring traceability from farm to table.

We require annual third-party facility inspections for adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices. Organic Prairie staff follows up on audits.