From Our Pastures to Your Table

Pasture-Raised Organic Meat

We are Organic prairie, and this is our story

We are Organic Prairie©. We are more than just a purveyor of high quality pasture-raised organic meat. We are an unlikely family of trailblazing farmers, who love what we do, and who we do it for.

You’re probably wondering, how did this whole thing start? Well, we were a growing group of progressive farmers who wanted to keep farming simply organic. We banded together, made our voices one, and cranked up the volume. We said, “let’s do it differently than those other guys!"

So, we took off our shoes and felt the earth under our toes. We worked with nature instead of against it. We let Mother Earth do her thing and she let us do ours. We welcomed worms in the soil, and we pulled weeds… a lot of them. We continued to let our animals graze in our pastures because, well, we thought they’d enjoy it better than being locked indoors without access to grazing for their entire lives. And you know what? They did!

Another crazy thing happened as a result of working with nature… People really liked us! Turns out, millions of people have the same values and ideas as we do.

We continue to believe in pasture-raised organic meat. We believe that it’s an animal’s right to graze, just as nature intended. Organic farming, animal welfare, and sustainable practices …I guess they just come naturally to us.

So, from our pastures to your table, we hope you appreciate our pasture-raised organic meat from our family farms as much as we appreciate you.

- Organic Prairie© Family

Farmer Owned

We are a farmer owned co-op. That means, we pay our farmers first, support them and their families, all while bringing you pasture-raised organic meat from family farms.

Original Organic Meat Company

We helped create the USDA Organic Standards and then become certified organic. We were the first certified organic meat company.

From Our Pastures to Your Table

With every bite, you can taste the difference that comes from our pasture-raised, organic approach, also knowing that you're supporting family farms. From our pastures to your table, we're honored to be a part of your family dinner.

History of organic prairie

At Organic Prairie©, our mission, values, and practices are almost as old as the land we farm. For the record, we strive to improve everyday. But we mostly see ourselves as proud caretakers of the sacred art of organic farming.

In 1996 we introduced our first product – beef. Our parent co-op, CROPP Cooperative, had been
walking the organic walk for almost a decade by then, and championing the organic food movement through our sister brand, Organic Valley©.

Like the animals on our farms, our business was growing organically. It was through the natural evolution and expansion of our product offerings, that we decided to give the organic consumer another great American brand to love. And so, Organic Prairie© was created to wholeheartedly focus on bringing pasture-raised organic meat from family farms to your dinner table.

Knowing the animals we raise are free from antibiotics and added hormones, and their food is free of toxic pesticides and GMO’s gave us peace of mind. We wanted to make our meals not just nutritious but also environmentally responsible. So, as a nod to our founders, we created our own policies and practices that reflect a harmonious relationship with the land we farm.

Many of these farming practices evolved into the USDA Organic Standards for meat. Yep, we helped set the standard in 2002, because there were no written USDA Organic Standards for meat until we set out cream them. We even had a marketing campaign based around the fact that we weren’t allowed to tell customers our meat was organic, because there was no definition of organic meat when we started! And because we are continuously looking for ways to improve our practices, and over time, we even exceeded our own standards. Humblebrag, I know… but it’s true.

People not only fell in love with our pasture-raised organic meats and delicious taste, but they also fell in love with the fact that we support the livelihoods of organic farmers and their families. Love was in the air.

Our farmers sold to their friends, who shared with their friends, and beyond. Before we knew it, we were getting request after request to offer our products in neighborhoods that were nowhere near any of our farms! So, we created our own mail order catalog to ship meat directly to the organic consumer. So, when the internet launched, you bet we were one of the first to proudly deliver all of our farm favorite products to all 50 states. No matter where you live, you can buy our organic hot dogs from Honolulu to Harrisburg! Organic bacon from Bakersfield to Baltimore! Organic sirloin steak from Salem to Savannah! Ok, you get the point.

The future of Organic Prairie© is as certain as the coming of spring after a long winter. We will always farm organically because we believe that there is an interconnection with the land that cannot be ignored. We will always raise our animals with dignity and care. And we will always support our farmers and their families.

By purchasing Organic Prairie©, you pledge your support to our family farmers. Because of your support, we pledge our continued dedication to the craft of organic farming.