Organic Whole Young Turkey

Our plump, juicy turkeys are raised the old-world way with 100% organic feed and the freedom to range in the out-of-doors. What this means (for the inner puritan in you) is that you’re assured a turkey free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides. You and your dinner guests will be grateful indeed, for the rich, subtle and frankly superior flavor that results from the careful stewardship of land and animals. *This is a frozen raw variable weight product that will range from 13-16 pounds.
  • One Whole Turkey w/Giblets
  • $98.49
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Even the pilgrims would approve. Our plump, juicy turkeys are raised the old-world way with 100% organic feed and the freedom to range in the out-of-doors. This means that you’re assured a turkey free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides. You and your dinner guests will be grateful indeed, for the rich, subtle and frankly superior flavor that results from the careful stewardship of land and animals. Our farmers firmly believe that doing good tastes good!

This is a variable weight product that will range from 13 - 16 pounds.

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328.

Cooking: Cook to 165 °F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat. Remove from heat and serve.

Handling: Store in your freezer and thaw meat in the refrigerator or by microwave before cooking.

Quick Thawing Methods: Click here for thawing tips!

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Write a Review
chris st.pierre
Excellent taste and flavor. So nice to enjoy Thanksgiving with organic goodness.
Amazing Turkey!!!
Rachel Wilson-Ross
This turkey is incredibly delicious! Also 14lbs without all the saline and other junk that in injected into supermarket turkeys is a lot more turkey! This ate like a 17-18lbs turkey from the store. But it is AMAZING. Best turkey I've had, hands down. Definitely worth the money.
Wholesome Goodness
We've had the turkey's before for the big day. It is so nice have a bird without all the injected solutions, and what all. Thank You!
Great bird!
We ordered a turkey in October so that we could celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving here in the USA. The turkey came promptly and it was delicious! Best ever, will definitely buy future birds here.
The Best Turkey Ever--and gluten free
Dianne Shaw
We have enjoyed Organic Prairie Turkeys every Thanksgiving and Christmas for several years. We have never been disappointed! The taste is out of this world! We love the fact that the meat is organic and the animals are raised humanely. Because My husband and I are Celiac, and my diet is extremely strict, we were so relieved to learn that all Organic Prairie meats are gluten-free. I recommend this company to everyone. As we live in TX, I always request extra ice. During a hot summer, we had a delivery problem because of the heat. Organic Prairie made it right. Outstanding customer service as well as outstanding products! They deserve more than a five star rating!
This is the second year I have bought our Thanksgiving Turkey from Organic Prairie. The turkey is moist and the taste is amazing. Organic Prarie Turkey has become a tradition for my family.
Thank you!!
Jamie Dunson
If it wasn't for this company, our family would not have an organic turkey for Thanksgiving. Thank you Organic Prairie!
Wonderful Turkey
Perfect packaging, turkey arrived frozen solid on a warm day here in the Southeast. Excellent flavor, beautiful bird - nice and plump. We had this and the spiral cut ham for Thanksgiving and both were outstanding!
Tom the turkey
David Wilkins
I ordered this turkey for thanksgiving early so that I received in time. It was on time and tasted great. I have been buying from organic prairie for years and they haven't let me down. Thank you!
Great Turkey!
B. Harner
Our first "organic" turkey and it was great!
Not Just for Holidays :)
Barbara James
At our home turkeys that cook up as tender and juicy as these are not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We enjoy them at least once a month and look forward to the left-overs--turkey a' la King and turkey soup with barley or noodles. So delicious and healthy.
perfect turkey
Lynne Brown
Delicious!! This was the best Thanksgiving turkey we've ever had. There was none of that 'turkey hangover' usually associated with corporate produced turkeys. It was a nourishing and energizing meal.
I'm very pleased how our organic turkey turned out. Nice and brown on the outside AND juicy and tender inside. Can't wait to cook up our second one.
Organic Turkey
Best turkey ever!!!!
Arrived quickly
Elisabete Durfey
The turkey we ordered arrived quickly, with no hassles. We haven't tasted it yet, since we're waiting for Xmas.
Beth H
Beth Heerdt
Delicious Turkey and since it is Organic I felt good about boiling the bones and bits for soup .
Organic Turkey
I ordered a turkey for Thanksgiving. I was so pleased with it that I ordered another turkey for Christmas.
Great dinners!
K Hinton
Turkey arrived well packaged and was delicious. We will order from Organic Prairie again.
nannie b. wright
One tough bird. The dark meat was nice and tender. Hamburgers were outstanding.
Organic Makes a Difference
Suzy T. Kane
Packed so well, order arrived truly frozen. Ham & steaks could go directly to freezer for later consumption and turkey in time for Christmas. You can taste the difference of organic in the fresh flavor.
The most juicy perfect Turkey!
Lynda Sarman
We always try to acquire organic turkey for Thanksgiving Day celebration...this special day was no exception except for it was from Organic Prairie! Wow... the best turkey ever... perfect, excellent taste, so juicy and again the taste was amazing! Thank you for taking wonderful care of raising these turkeys! Hmmm, might have to have more during the year!
Excellent Turkey
Lynda C Sarman
Preparation, delivery, thaw, cooking and then serving up an excellent meal, as the meat was first class! Thank you to the farmers who took the time to provide us with some of the best meats!
So much simpler!!!
Andrew Dorman
Absolutely loved the convenience of not having to go from one supermarket to the next to see who would get me an organic turkey or driving 1 hour to the nearest Wegman's. This was delivered to my door in dry ice and slightly bigger than 15 lbs. I will buy my turkeys each year this way!
Organic Turkey
The most delicious, moist turkey we've ever had! Even after Thanksgiving having sandwiches still moist! Plan to order every year.
mrs. d
suzanne dolensky
easiest turkey to clean ever. husband said liver was the sweetest ever. the rest of the innards as well as the carcass went behind the shed for the fox. I don't know how to carve, but make slices and pull off with my fingers--it was the easiest of any turkey I have ever had to pull apart and the moistest turkey I have ever had. My husband cleaned the carcass and stood there sampling even though he had had two helpings already. Our four cats and three dogs had heaping helpings in their chow as well. It was delish and nothing was wasted. With great hope Mr./Mrs. Turkey had a good life with good chow. We are thankful for that.
Exceptional turkey
Amy McNally
Turkey arrived promptly, was beautifully packed and frozen, and was absolutely delicious. We will do this again. Very pleased with the quality and service.
This turkey was fantastic, and it was larger than the 14#. the taste was even better!!!! Thank you!
Happy Guests
Happy Cook
I don't really eat poultry but I brined and roasted this 9 meat-eating guests said it was the best they had ever had!
Outstanding Bird!
Betty Sorge
Accdg to my daughter, turkey was delivered promptly - well packaged. On Thksgvg, my Son in Law prepared in an oil-free "fryer" - meat was perfectly done, tender, juicy. Will order again for Christmas! Great family tradition begins!
Organic Turkey
Absolutely delicious. I made a Cajun turkey, and sooooo many compliments. The meat was so tender and succulent. In fact, I ordered two turkeys at the same time, and I told one of my friends about Organic Prairie, and they ordered their turkey from here also. Organic Prairie is the way to go for your organic turkey. It's already gone!!!!)
Organic Turkey
Absolutely delicious. I made a Cajun turkey, and sooooo many compliments. The meat was so tender and succulent. In fact, I ordered two turkeys at the same time, and I told one of my friends about Organic Prairie, and they ordered their turkey from here also. Organic Prairie is the way to go for your organic turkey. It's already gone!!!!)
It was good, not great, came packaged well, and met expectations.
Thank Goodness.
L. Hall
Grateful for committed to organic goodness companies like Organic Prairie. I had shipped a 17lb turkey as a Thanksgiving greeting to my parents. They were so surprised and called to thank me. Arrived in a few days of ordering even in the 6 feet of snow recently fallen. :)
Carol Moyer
I was so happy to find this alternative to store bought and treated turkeys. It arrived in a very timely and safely packed manner. It was absolutely delicious. And it browned to a gorgeous golden brown. We were all greatly pleased and would definitely buy again. Thanks For your hard work to raise these healthy birds.
Best Turkey Yet
Steven Adair
I cooked this Turkey on Thanksgiving and my wife commented it was the best Turkey she can remember having. I thawed for about 8 hours out of refrigerator then about 16 in the refrigerator. It was still frozen on the inside. Cooked at 350 for 1/2 hour. Then 325 for 1/2 hour. Then 300 for 1/2 hour. Finished for 2 hours or more at 275. It turned out great. Crispy but not burnt on the outside and moist on the inside. It had a great flavor. It has made meals for a week and a half. After many meals we boiled it and had turkey soup with beans and rice. The broth from it was very impressive with respect to the amount of Gelatine. It was also nice to know it was Organic and therefore not full of various poisons.
Sally Price
The turkey was the kind you remember having when you were young. The Brest was large and the entire bird had so much flavor. Outstanding. The family loved it so much I ordered another one for Christmas!
So worth the money!
Renae K
O.K. People total honesty here. The last 20 some years I've been eating my mom's store bought turkey cooked in a bag " to keep it moist" This year we cooked our own turkey.(without the bag!)from Organic Prairie. It was the best turkey ever! Flavorful, moist, and fresh. Pay the money folks you will not be disappointed. I will be a repeat customer.
Once again - OUTSTANDING
Betty Sorge
I honestly didn't think a turkey could taste better than the last one we ordered, but sure enough - this one did!!! and 17 +/- lbs no less. Despite its LARGE size, tender and yummy. My daughter used a rub, then "fried" outside in an oil-less fryer. so good. these BIRDS are the BEST GOOD HEALTH VALUE out there!!!
Susan Kay
Very moist and much larger than expected (18#!). Made many meals from the leftovers and ended with soup from the carcass. We will definitely order from Organic Prairie again!
Yearly Staple
Marvis Hinson
The turkey is a yearly staple for me. I look forward to such a quality product: flavorful, moist, with consistent cooking results.
We'll be ordering our turkey here again for next Thanksgiving. It was delicious. Service from the company is outstanding. Delivered on time and packaged beautifully. Thank you!
food staple
Love the flavor of your organic whole turkeys. I cook a whole one up, bag it in small portions and freeze it. It gives me easy access for daily protein for sandwiches and snacks.
Nice turkey
I have been ordering 2-3 organic turkeys at a time now for over a year. I cook them one at a time, like thanksgiving, but without all the trimmings. I carve and freeze them. This is an excellent source of protein to start our day. My husband and I also eat it for lunch or snack it on a bed of romaine lettuce. Although they are pricy, I appreciate having the choice to have an organic turkey AND that it's delivered right to my home.
Whole Young Turkey
The order arrived in good condition and was delicious!
Best bird I've ever ordered. My son is a chef at a very high end resort, and he was also very impressed. The turkey arrived frozen in dry ice on a very warm day, shipped 2 Day. It arrived in perfect condition. We were all very happy. We have to celebrate our Thanksgiving a month early, since my son works thru the holiday season. Finding a turkey this year was very difficult. I am so happy we tried Organic Prairie. Customer service was excellent as well.
Amazing Turkey
Susan Hart
I haven't tasted turkey this good since I was a kid back in the 60's when food still tasted like food, unlike the bland and tasteless stuff you get in the stores nowadays. It's every bit as good as the Thanksgiving turkeys my Grandma used to roast. Superlative flavor! Excellent packaging, and arrived frozen rock-solid.
Best turkey I have ever eaten
I can't rave enough about this turkey. Purchased frozen at my Air Force commissary (grocery store). Bird was 13.7 pounds. I removed from chest freezer Sunday afternoon around 3:00 to thaw. Removed from fridge on Wednesday around noon to brine using the Organic Prairie brined turkey/maple glaze recipe. Had to run cold water through the cavity to remove the giblets and neck, but that is to be expected. Removed from brine on Thursday around 10:00 am. Prepared as directed, although made the mistake of brushing with olive oil before applying the glaze. This was unnecessary, and the glaze would not adhere. Took the advice and stuffed with the remnants of preparing my side dishes -- granny smith apples, celery, onion, orange chunks (from the glaze), fresh sage, fresh thyme, and fresh Italian parsley. Usually I prepare a special aromatics stuffing for the cavity, but this was a brilliant idea! Flavoring the turkey with the same ingredients as the side dishes makes so much sense. Wish I'd thought of it before. (I always prepare stuffing/dressing separately.) I applied the glaze periodically as the turkey roasted, after the olive oil had a chance to set. Glaze burned a bit, but shielded with foil tent, and burning stopped. Browned beautifully. Meat was incredibly moist, but not mushy. Flavor was sublime. Sometimes turkey becomes a necessary component, but not as good as the sides. Not this time. It was the centerpiece of the meal, as it should be. Only thing I did not like was the flavor of the gravy from the pan drippings. Gravy turned out sweet instead of savory. I'm not sure that I will do a sweet glaze again. I loved the browning and the flavor it imparted to the bird, but gravy is a necessity in our home :D Might use the ingredients as the basis for a dry rub: ginger, orange peel, herbs, salt, pepper, etc. I always throw carrots and onions in the bottom of my pan to enhance the drippings, but even those veggies did not overcome the sweetness. I also make my own savory stock... just simply too sweet for our tastes. Otherwise, the turkey was PERFECTION. Will never purchase another brand again!
Andrea Elbert
Clean bird, wonderful taste, good size. Will buy again.
Best Ever
This was the best turkey I've eaten in my memory, tender and juicey - just great.
Great turkey!
Linda Candels
First, let me start by saying that my husband really doesn't like turkey. However, in his words, he said "This was the best turkey I have ever eaten and you'd better get another one next year." Need I say more. I did a quick dry brine and cooked it on a bed of vegetables. That's it. It was moist and flavorful. Thanks for producing a turkey that takes like it did when I was a kid.
Great Turkey
Michael Burke
Bought a organic young turkey for Thanksgiving and it arrived fresh and on time. Tasted great! Would recommend to others!!
Organic Turkey
The turkey was very good but kinda expensive
So delicious!
So delicious! Its worth every penny!
Best turkey we've ever had!
Organic turkey 14lb est
Connie smith
Your turkey that you sell is very good our family enjoys it very much thank you for all your research and hard work we appreciate all of your family we will be ordering again soon Thank you the smith family
whole young turkey
Best I have ever tasted.
Peggy Marra
Great turkey
Great decision for Thanksgiving
Absolutely delicious, juicy, and rich with flavor. Was surprised that it arrived frozen, and was a little disappointed that they only ship two days each week. Other than that, nothing but praise
Happy Turkey!
Bette A Basden
Our turkey was a happy one, evident from its light, juicy, delicious taste, and tender and moist texture. Thank you, sweet turkey for making our holiday meal so tasty and special.
Awesome Turkey
Kristine Koch
Turkey arrived as scheduled Did a dry brine. It was so juicy & had a great flavor
The Best!
Alice M Johnson
I can't express how delicious these turkeys are! Bought one for Thanksgiving 2016 and we were not disappointed. Our family is a family of organic food eaters. The availability of Turkeys in our area wasn't up to our standards, so we bought one online from Organic Prairie. Wonderful taste, fast easy ordering and delivery too! I suggest you try this company! Two thumbs up!
Best Bird Ever
Linda Turner
Best turkey dinner. We loved the bird. Tried to buy another but were too late for the holiday.
Paula Devlin
Best turkey I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a lot of them)!
Judy P
The turkey was the best I have ever made - extremely tender and great flavor.
Cheryl D
Everybody love this turkey served at Thanksgiving use a meat thermometer and did not overcook it it was tender and delicious with not a lot of fat like usual store turkeys
Consistently outstanding
I have never been disappointed in any item I have purchased.
Beautiful bird that tasted as natural and delicious as you can find. Will never buy a store one again
Delicious Thanksgiving Bird
Katherine S
Thank you! I am so glad I found you online. Our whole family mentioned how really flavorful and juicy our turkey was this year. We were very happy, and your quality turkey made our celebration extra nice.
Great Turkey!
Kelly M
The turkey was moist and delicious.
Ordered this for Thanksgiving. One of the best turkeys I've ever cooked or eaten.
Beverly S
Organic turkey was delicious. Arrived still frozen and on time.
Amazing quality and service.
Many times repeat customer. Not waiting for holidays or, other occasions for future orders. Best and healthiest gifts ever.
Young Turkey
I decided I wanted to go antibiotic free, organic, etc. this Thanksgiving. I am so glad. The turkey was absolutely delicious. I didn't have to worry about salmonella that was all over the news. They test for bacteria. I will be ordering again soon. Great turkey!
Delicious Turkey!
This is the best turkey we've ever had. It smelled so good cooking - and the tenderness and flavor were amazing!! I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying again.
Laurie G
Will definitely get another one. Tender, tasty...worth every penny.
Delicious beyond imagination
Wendy S
This was the best turkey I have ever had. It was excellent. No addition injection of the trash you get at the grocery store. It was clean , meaty, juicy, full of flavor. Every year we trash leftovers but this year we are everything! I even made liquid gold meaning Stock from this turkey! It was a beautiful clear golden stock. Amazing turkey!! Will definitely buy again!!!!!
Kathy W
I thought these turkeys were pricey at first, but they have such a clean taste - like meat smells and tastes like it did when I was a kid! Spend the money you will be happy you did. First time buyer, customer for life!
Young Turkey
Pedro D
Excellent quality. Fast delivery. Highly recommended
Definitely purchase again
Korin R
Wow what an amazing flavor to this turkey I actually over cooked it a little accidentally and it was still tender and juicy, I will definitely purchase again. It was also larger then expected.
Amazing turkey
Suzanne C
Amazing turkey. I brined this for 24 hours. It was moist, flavorful and delicious.
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