Organic Beef Liver Steak

We can't prove that out liver steaks will make you stronger, smarter or possessed of more lustrous hair, but we can guarantee they're a delectable source of abundant iron and protein. The fact that they're certified organic (clean living on the pasture!) ensures they're the purest, safest available. Product of AUS and USA.
  • Two 8-oz.Steaks
  • $23.49
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  • Four 8-oz.Steaks
  • $38.89
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  • Ten 8-oz. Steaks
    SKU BSLV10
  • $88.00
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We can’t prove that out liver steaks will make you stronger, smarter or possessed of more lustrous hair, but we can guarantee they’re a delectable source of abundant iron and protein. The fact that they’re certified organic (clean living on the pasture!) ensures they’re the purest, safest available. Product of AUS and USA.

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328.

Cooking: Cook to 145 °F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat. Remove from heat and allow meat to rest for three minutes before carving or consuming.

Handling: Organic Prairie meats are frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum sealed in air-tight packages to preserve optimum taste, flavor and freshness. Store in your freezer and thaw meat in the refrigerator or by microwave before cooking.

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Write a Review
Beef liver very good
susan johnson
We bought this for my husband because he has low iron. Yes, it still tastes like Liver, but the way I prepared it and also the quality of the meat was excellent, it turned out quite lovely. The product even though frozen tasted very fresh and healthy.
Sue Ellen
I have loved beef liver forever. This is absolutely the best I have ever tasted. My husband and I only use Organic Prairie for all of our meat purchases. Once you taste the difference (plus it's healthier for you), you will never go back to meat purchased at the grocery store.
Beef liver
Organic beef liver is one of the healthiest organ meats for your body, very high in nutrients, it supports liver function and liver growth. I was so pleased that you offer this product. Bravo!
Going Organic
This is the most tender flavorful liver I have ever had and I will definitely be ordering it again
Organic Liver
Gene Hopp
This is an excellent product except for the cooking instructions. It only takes a short time to cook. If you follow the oven cooking instructions, you will have a very over cooked item. With that said, the product if very good tasting and I would highly recommend it especially since it contains lots of nutrition.
It's All About Liver
Marilyn Monclova
My husband and son enjoyed this liver. It was great that you had it in individual portions. I never did like liver but they love it. Wish I could return your shipping carton to you so I do not leave my carbon print. I would pay to ship it back.
Loveliest liveliest liver
Margaret Tatos
Best I've ever eaten! Health issues got me into the ER & Neurologist, and it was all diet related. Made some changes and this liver got me on track. Can't wait to try your pork tenderloin soon Thanks Shipping was fast and incredible!
organic liver
Carolyn Reynolds
I will continue to purchase this liver from Organic Prairie. It is packaged in small serving sizes and is always delicious.
Loved this
Bob Weiner
Made liver and onions with this item. I must say this is tasty and tender. The best beef liver I have had in years.
Beerf Liver
Bob Weiner
Best beef liver I have had in years!
Organic Beef Liver
Shirley Andre
The product is SO good and ismuch better than what's available in the store.
Fantastic liver
I am so excited to have tried this liver. Knowing that it's organic is a plus!
beef liver
Lisa Knight
I purchased the beef liver, as it was less expensive than the organic beef liver that I purchased in the past from another company. It was shipped quickly and was packaged well to maintain the frozen state of the liver. It is so yummy (if you like liver) and doesn't have a strong "liver" taste. Although, it may be the way I cook it... Heat up organic olive oil in a pan. Season both sides of the liver before placing it in the pan. I use organic oregano, Italian seasoning, garlic from a mill and sea salt. Fry low-medium. It's so delicious!
Beef Liver
This beef liver is the best I have ever had! Thank you!
hands down best beef liver I have ever tasted
I grew up on calves liver, which is difficult to find where I live now. Saw the Organic Prairie liver at my local Natural Grocers and decided to give it a try. The flavor is almost as mild and sweet as calves liver - best beef liver I have ever had. Two suggestions to improve this product: -Remove the membrane from the slices if possible -Make it a little more affordable for the average person. Variety meats are supposed to be economical. $11/lb is too much to pay for beef liver, even organic.
Shockingly good
Eating liver for health reasons. This product made it so easy! It's simply delicious
I confess I'm not a lover of liver, but I'm on a health plan to support my thyroid, and liver is a super food. I could only go for grass fed, organic, humanely farmed though. I'm thankful for Organic Prairie for offering it. It cooks tenderly and is the best out there.
organic beef liver
Well packed-fresh and delicious!
Appreciate Organic Liver, But
Ann Friday
I am very happy to have found organic liver and it is tender and very mild tasting. I can only give it 4 stars however since two of my four liver steaks have had significant gristle or membrane on them. This really interferes with the joy of eating them and I hope that part of the liver will be removed in the future. For the price, they should all be completely edible and tasty.
Ethical Company
Elizabeth Blane
I bought this product a few monthly ago, and it did not meet my expectations. I contacted Organic Prairie about the problem, and they gave me a full refund on my purchase, which I was not expecting. To me this showed that they care about their customers and I would certainly do business with them again.
Philip D
what a treat! and full of nutrition! perfect way to balance vitamin A with vitamin D for immune health. and so tasty.
Healthy Choice
I chose to buy liver to see if eating it twice a week would boost my red cell levels. My last blood test did show improvement. My only complaint is the amount of grizzle in most of the slices. Other than that, I am pleased with the taste and quality. I add craisins and bacon to the traditional "liver and onions."
Amazing meats.
This company is wonderful and deliver an amazing product. I ordered the beef liver and was blown away by the quality. Looking forward to ordering other items they have available for the summer barbecue grill. Five out of five.
quality product
This is a good product but I wish I could order it without all the individual packaging since I buy a minimum of 10 lbs.
Incredible Flavor
Robert R
The clean rich flavor of liver that I remember as a child. This is a definite one to put on our reorder before out list.
It Arrived completely frozen!
Ella F
The product is excellent. Small amounts has been restoring my liver to health. The only health food store for 100s of miles stopped carrying Organic Prairie organic beef liver and no grocery store carries it. So I found their website and ordered several packages. It arrived completely frozen and undamaged. My wholistic health doctor, several years ago, told me to eat small portions of organic beef liver to restore my damaged liver, so I bought it from a somewhat local health food store until it was discontinued. The store gave me the product manufacturer and I ordered online, wondering how were they going to keep it frozen. They use dry ice. Don't touch the dry ice; it will burn!
Philip D
I used to hate beef liver as a kid, but never had the quality like that from Organic Prairie. Being fresh, organic and grass fed makes all the difference. I cook it medium rare, because the texture changes (gets rougher) with thorough cooking, and I am convinced it comes from a clean, healthy animal and is processed with the highest standards. I try to eat 4 ounces of liver twice a week to get the nutrients to complement my plant-based diet.
Love the organic liver
The organic liver is delicious and easy to cook.
Beef liver
Great taste good portion size
Warm product
My liver arrived in a poorly packed manner. The box was wet and the liver was warm. I had to throw it out
Owner Response: Hi Kate, I am sorry your package had not arrived intact. Someone from our team will be reaching out shortly to resolve this issue for you.
beef liver
i liked it
Great Liver!
Elizabeth S
Just had my first taste if liver with bacon & onions. Ahhh heavenly
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