About Organic Prairie Cooperative

We take pride in raising the highest quality meats for your family. Thank you for shopping at OrganicPrairie.com.

Organic 101
We are an independent cooperative of organic family farms, and true pioneers of organic meat production. We began producing our delicious meats—without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides—back in 1996.
Why Choose Organic Prairie
While we uphold the USDA rules as the foundation of the organic industry, many of Organic Prairie's production standards go above and beyond government regulations.
Organic vs. Natural Comparison
Organic certification guarantees many things—the word “natural”" does not. If personal health, the environment, and a sustainable future are among your values, look for the USDA organic seal.
Organic Prairie pasture benefits
Pasturing methods are a good fit with organic farming. Because of their commitment to working in harmony with nature, we prefer to provide our animals with as much pasture as we can.
Meet the Organic Prairie farmers
Meet a few of our co-op’s owners—the family farmers who are pioneering the organic meat industry with Organic Prairie.
Organic certification
Learn about the national organic standards required by USDA, our definition of organic, and other reasons to choose organic meat.
Press Releases
Organic Prairie, the brand of organic meats produced by the same farmer-owned co-op as Organic Valley, has launched Mighty Bar, the first certified organic 100% grassfed beef meat snacks. Available in...