Organic Diced Turkey Breast, Smoked

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  • Two - 2 lb. pkgs.
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  • Five - 2 lb. pkgs.
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We hear you when you say you love our nitrate-free deli slices. Now we've given these sandwich staples a new spin. Using the trimmings from our manufacturing process, we've chopped the slices into the most versatile meat on the market and we're passing the savings on to you! These small bits and pieces of Smoked Turkey Breasts are perfect for dishes like frittatas, macaroni salads, casseroles, calzones, omelets, soups and more!

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328

Handling: Our Organic Smoked Turkey Slices are ready-to-eat with no heating or cooking required. Simply thaw, and serve. Organic Prairie meats are frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum sealed in air-tight packages to preserve optimum taste, flavor and freshness. We recommend using within 18 months of the freeze by date on the package, and consuming within 10 days after thawing for best quality.

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Wendy Dillard
The concept of Organic Prairie packaging & selling the small bits of turkey was brilliant. I loved that it was already cooked and ready to use. I especially enjoyed having it in my fridge to snack on!
Nice to have such quality meat available to us...
Watery, painfully salty, and rubbery texture. Regretting having bought 5 pounds of it.
Bought the organic diced smoked turkey breast. It's bad. It's not diced it's minced. Diced is chunks 1/2 inch or larger. This looks like scraps cut up because it has the hard rind on the turkey meat but you can't chew it up. It's like the hard RIND on a piece of ham that you have to cut it off before you can eat it. This rind cannot be removed from the turkey meat because the pieces are about 1/4 " in size. You have to pick it out and throw it away. This doesn't deserve a rating it's so bad. Dried out. I made homemade BBQ sauce to use with it and it still could not be chewed up.
Owner Response: Hi Liz, I am sorry you had an issue with our diced turkey. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss your situation more in-depth.
Not what I expected, but it works
I was expecting chunks of turkey meat, but instead the bag I opened looks like chopped up deli meat slices. Also The bag was broken open so the meat is slightly freezer burned. It is fine though. It works for several things, including salad topping. :)
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