Organic Roast Turkey Breast Slices

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  • Ten 6-oz. pkgs.
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  • Twenty 6-oz. pkgs.
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Now in a convenient resealable package from Organic Valley, our sliced deli meats are usually sold fresh at retail. Occasionally we over-produce and freeze these meats three weeks prior to their sell by date. We offer them frozen at fantastic savings

We recommend using within 12 months of the freeze by date on the package, and consuming within ten days after thawing for best quality.

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328.

Handling: Our Organic Roast Turkey Breast Slices are ready-to-eat with no heating or cooking required. Simply thaw, and serve. Organic Prairie meats are frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum sealed in air-tight packages to preserve optimum taste, flavor and freshness. We recommend using within 18 months of the freeze by date on the package, and consuming within 10 days after thawing for best quality.

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Unbeatable aTaste
Diana Cardoway
I originally bought the turkey as a side to snack on when I'm rushed. This turkey tastes so amazing that I have some every single morning on my Paleo Diet !!!!!!!!
Great flavor
Great flavor!
Glutamate Free Lunch Meat!
Rae Dawn Hadinger
I just ordered the Organic Prairie Roast Turkey lunch meat and was thrilled. I absolutely love that this product is organic and does not contain carrageenan. The ingredients are simple - organic turkey, water and sea salt. And the turkey tastes fresh and delicious, even after having been frozen and defrosted. Organic Prairie is my new go-to lunch meat.
Fresh, Delicious and Clean
Rae Dawn
I am so impressed with Organic Prairie's sliced roast turkey. With only three ingredients (turkey, salt and water), it is safe for my son to eat and real food. I am begging our local Sprouts to start carrying your products. This was literally the best lunch meat I have ever tasted. I highly recommend this product.
This is the purest, simplest sliced turkey breast available. We have tried as many of the competitor brands available to us and this is the absolute best!!!
Awesome quality and taste!
Odin Townley
Wonderful products by Organic Prairie, so satisfied, so organic and pure!
Organic sliced turkey
So sorry, but as much as I like the turkey meat, the "skin\wrap\band around the meat is sort of like chewing on a rubber band. Do you guys actually try out your own products?
Betty Smawley
This product was on sale when I was preparing an order so I decided to try it. What a treat. It is so hard to find healthy luncheon meat for those times when one wants a sandwich or salad topper. I thawed each package while still sealed and got a couple of sandwiches from one package plus 2 treats for my cat who also loves this. Please keep this in stock. Best turkey slices out there!
Saidah D
Delicious turkey! My picky daughter even liked it!
Organic Extruded Turkey Breast Slices do not distinguish the mission of Organic Prairie!!
Ron M
To Start with, I want to be clear about this, I love Organic Prairie, their mission, their methods and their philosophy and have enjoyed their main stream products, that is why I was saddened to taste our order of turkey slices which were the worst product of it's kind that I have ever tasted. It is like some Harvard MBA came up with this idea of extruding turkey into some sort of gelatinous tube that gets stuck in your teeth and in your throat, with the turkey tasting like, ummm well like nothing. It is void of character, texture and flavor of any kind, unlike any of their organic turkey products. I bought these 10 packages, unfortunately I threw them out, thinking I was getting sliced organic turkey breasts right from the turkey not some sort of processed product. If O. P. insists on continuing to sell this product, they should label it for what it is, because my initial reaction was, that these people are dishonest and that is terribly discouraging because we all buy into what they, at least on the surface, stand for. Any effort that makes an organization's constituents doubt its veracity, is an effort worth getting rid of instantly. My initial reaction was to write O.P. off my list of wonderful suppliers, I have since mellowed, but never the less disappointed.
Owner Response: Hi Ron, I apologize that our product did not live up to your expectations. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you shortly to get more information on your situation. We in no way would want to be or appear as dishonest to our customers, We do our best to be transparent on our products and practices, and hope to get to the bottom of you issue.
Best we have tried!
Susan H
Our family loves the OG Roast Turkey Breast Slices. Tasty and great packaging.
It's always delicious and easy to use of course. Great product!
I have been buying a different organic turkey & your turkey far surpasses what I've been eating! It is delicious & I will forever be buying your Roasted Turkey breast slices! Highly recommend
Dried out and opened packages when I received them.
Packages were all open upon arriving. And meat looked like freezer burn. I was very disappointed with Organic Prairie. The service has always been excellent, but now it seems they are sending the products a cheaper way. Box was wet and flimsy when it arrived. The sausage and the hot dogs were saved, but those are packaged much better.
Owner Response: Thank you for your feedback on your order and this product. In the past year we have made some changes to our packaging of our shipments and the packaging for our products. These changes have been made not to save on the cost of our shipments or products, but to better align with our mission and goal to become more Eco friendly and reduce our carbon footprint. With these changes we have identified some areas that needed to be fixed, and these issues should be remedied going forward. Someone from our team has already reached out to you on this issue, but if you have any more questions do not hesitate to reach out to our consumer relations team at 877-662-6328. We appreciate your feedback as well as your support in helping small family farms by choosing Organic Prairie.
Turkey Slices
Best turkey out there. Ingredients are Turkey, Salt, and Water. Organic meat, no additives. Love it!
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