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Organic Sliced Pepperoni

Organic Sliced Pepperoni

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  • Five 5-oz. pkgs. Sliced Pepperoni
  • ID: PPRSL5
  • $46.49
  • Ten 5-oz. pkgs. Sliced Pepperoni
  • ID: PPRSL10
  • $67.89
  • Two - 5 lb. Bulk pkg Sliced Pepperoni
  • $148.89 $74.44
  • Twenty 5-oz. pkgs. Sliced Pepperoni
  • ID: PPRSL20
  • $95.00
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Our sliced deli meats are usually sold fresh at retail. Occasionally we over-produce and freeze these meats three weeks prior to their sell by date. We recommend using within 18 months of the freeze by date on the package, and consuming within ten days after thawing for best quality.

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328.

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