Organic Uncured Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs

Our hot dogs are 100% grass fed beef from our Australian ranchers. These are Fully cooked and skinless with no nitrate or nitrite added except for the naturally occurring nitrates in sea salt and celery juice powder. Did we mention they are are Gluten free!
  • Two 12-oz. PKGS.
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  • Six 12-oz. pkgs.
  • $68.89
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  • Twelve 12-oz. pkgs.
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Organic Prairie once again delivers the tantalizing flavor families expect from our grass fed beef products.

Combine just the right spices and a hint of hardwood smoke with organic, 100% grass fed beef from our Australian ranchers, and you get Organic Prairie Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs. Fully cooked and skinless. No nitrate or nitrite added except for the naturally occurring nitrates in sea salt and celery juice powder. Gluten free. The ultimate in delicious convenience.

Each 12oz. pkg. consists of 6 Hot Dogs.

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328.

Cooking: Our Hot Dogs are pre-cooked, but should be reheated by boiling or browned and heated in a skillet, oven, or on the grill until steaming hot. Remove from heat and serve.

Handling: Organic Prairie meats are frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum sealed in air-tight packages to preserve optimum taste, flavor and freshness. Store in your freezer and thaw meat in the refrigerator or by microwave before cooking.

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Write a Review
It doesn't get any better than this!
I gave up hot dogs and wouldn't let my family eat them for years because of the bad ingredients in them. These are healthy and the family loves them.
Stephen Herson
Sue Ellen
These arrived today and my husband and I enjoyed a healthy delicious hot dog this evening. Yum! I have never been a hot dog fan because of the awful ingredients. We only eat Organic Prairie meats and these hot dogs did not disappoint. So good!
Great taste
Love the taste of these hot dogs. Tried an uncured grass fed beef brand carried by local stores and what a huge disappointment. These are simply the best and will be ordering them again for sure.
Fire up the grill...
I have been looking for an organic hot dog...and this is it! Hearty size and great flavor...just in time for Summer grilling! Thank you Organic Prairie.
Tastes Like the old days...
Teri Hassell
I haven't been able to eat a hot dog in over 10 years! Last time I tried, I broke out in hives. So I was OVERJOYED to find these Superb Tasting Hot Dogs! And my husband, a Hot Dog Lover, agrees that these are the GREATEST DOGS EVER! Sure beats Applegate's Hot Dogs!!
organic beef hot dogs
Camille Franklin
Plump and juicy
Organic Uncured Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs
I sent these to my kids & grand kiddos for Easter, they all raved about them, "so good!" they said. Quality product.
Family Favorite
We have tried many uncured organic hot dogs from different vendors but these are the only ones we have reordered. A well seasoned family favorite.
hot dogs
Stephen Herson
GF Beef Hotdogs
Wilma Snider
These are, by far, the best hot dogs ever. I will be buying more of these as needed.
wonderfull beef franks
tom murphy
The best hotdogs I ever ate
BEST Hotdogs We Ever Had!!!
Sue C.
We haven't eaten hot dogs for years until we found these in the organic section of our favorite market! Oh my gosh, they are wonderful and we are so happy we can eat good tasting hot dogs again!! Try won't be disappointed!!
Ronald Skekel
Best dogs on the planet
Best Hot Dogs Ever!
These hot dogs are the most delicious, juicy and succulent you will ever eat in your life! I purchase for the organic and grass-fed status, yet they are so delicious it is just an added bonus. I feel good about feeding these amazing hot dogs to my family and sustaining the green ecosystem, as i do with all Organic Prairie products.
The hot dogs came in frozen. They tasted really good. Best organic hot dogs yet.
carolyn davis
Beef hotdogs
Best hot dogs will never buy another brand your company and products are amazing and I love your standards.
The Best!
I'm very fussy about my hotdogs and I have to say that these are the best-tasting hotdogs I've ever eaten...just the right amount of spice and wonderful flavor...I'm coming back for more!
Hot dogs
My daughter absolutely loves your hot dogs. Better than the store. We have switched to everything organic and trying to eat healthy. There is a big difference in the taste than the store brand.
great taste.
Donna Budnick
Loved the hot dogs; however, the casings were very tough.
Who would have thought?
Best Hotdogs I've ever had! Recently converted over to NON-GMO food and Organic diet 2 months ago. Found these franks at the local supermarket, cost a few dollars more than the cheap garbage I was eating before....worth the extra money! The steaks are next!
Absolutely Delicious!
Susan Jones
The flavor & texture of these hot dogs is perfection. They remind me of what hot dogs tasted like when I was a child. I have a lot of food allergies. Hot dogs are normally a food that I react to due to the ingredients (that goes for both cured or uncured). I don't get ANY reaction from these- so rare for me. Thank you Organic Prairie for all your delicious products!
Great Hot Dogs!
Joan Koch
Finally a hot dog I can eat without eating Tums later! Very hardy and tasty and organic! You won't be disappointed!
Organic Beek Hot Dogs
K. Mann
Appreciate the and grass fed...very good too.
Anne Marie Bullock
We ordered the 100% grass feed beef hot dogs and had them tonight. Everyone thought they were very yummy. I will buy again!
Awesome Hot Dogs
Warren Winkler
It's amazing how the flavor of hotdogs have changed over time. These taste how hotdogs used to 30+ years ago. They are in the Commissary in Saudi Arabia.. Go figure but I'm so glad to have discovered this company.
Best Hot Dogs
I love these hot dogs! They're the best. I wish they were in WI grocery stores.
Beef Hotdogs
Idong Ekandem
They are delicious!
I would usually buy these at the commissary (militarily grocery store) but for some reason they were sporadic in carrying them. I love them so much I ordered them even though it was more expensive per pkg. They arrived frozen, sealed in a Styrofoam box. I will buy these again. As a born and raisedKansan, I appreciate the farmer owned coop, organic product and pasture raised animals. Thank you.
Great taste!
Alma Dunn
These hot dogs are not greasy! They taste great. When you heat them up they stay the same size. They don't shrink. Will definitely order again!!!
Excellent Hotdogs
Discovered the hotdogs in the Commissary Saudi Arabia. They taste like old fashioned hot dogs from years back... Once stateside I search locally without success and was absolutely ecstatic to be able to purchase on-line. Even the spouse who dislikes hot dogs enjoys this brand. Thank You Organic Prairie.
the best
John mock
Very good dogs ...very lean...a wee bit less salt would be nice...good work OP
Great hot dogs!!
My son really loves these.
Husband says they are the best ever
These certified humane and organic grass fed uncured beef hot dogs go quickly around my house. Husband says it is the best hot dog he has ever eaten. They are quick and simple to prepare on the stovetop.
Grass fed uncured hot dogs.
I simply love them.
These hotdogs are pretty good but like the rest of organic prairies products they are a little to expensive. And I like how they don't have that nasty grassfed flavor that a lot of other grassfed beef products have.
Grasses hot dogs
Amy H
I am just so thankful that I can find hot dogs that my son can eat! He is allergic to paprika and almost all hot dogs have paprika. I'm thrilled that you're hot dogs are safe for him to eat. I also am very appreciative that you work with the Feingold organization. It is so reassuring to know that my child can eat your products and I will not have to worry about him having an adverse reaction to him. I hope you continue to work with them in the future. And for those of you that follow the Feingold diet these are stage 1 hot dogs.
Beef hot dogs
Loved them. Taste so fresh and full of flavor. You could tell the difference from store bought hot dogs. Will purchase again soon
Meat arrived defrosted
The meat we ordered arrived completely defrosted. The customer service said meat is fine to re freeze if it is cool to the touch! We order frozen goods from farther away than organic prairie and they arrive completely frozen. I do not understand why they cannot do the same. It is so expensive to ship you think they would use a little extra dry ice so it arrives frozen and safe for us eat at a later date.
Owner Response: Hi Stacie, I apologize for this, someone from our team will be reaching out to you shortly, to get more information on this issue, and try and resolve this for you.
Dean W
Our antibiotic allergic family love these hot dogs! They taste good and hold on to a fire pit roasting stick!
Simply Delicious
This third time that I've order the uncured beef grass fed hot dogs. I honestly do enjoy eating them. Try them for yourself!!!
Best hotdogs ever
Terry W
I am not a hot dog person. Never have been. But when I got these for my husband, I tried them and ended up eating 3 of these without a bun or condiments. They are that good.
Hot Dogs
William P
These are excellent and made with grass fed beef. Can not be any better.
Best hot dogs ever!
Never been a hot dog lover. These beef organic hot dogs are soooo good.
Best hot dogs
I ordered these hot dogs for Memorial Day weekend and they were a big hit. So much flavor and very tasty.
Organic Hot Dogs
They are delicious
Beef Hot Dogs
Amy H
These hot dogs are incredibly expensive. However, I have a child on the Feingold diet and these are literally the only hot dog in the country that she can eat. So therefore I pay the outrageous cost.
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