Premium Organic Steak Burger Patties

Our 85% lean 15 % fat steak burgers are a blend of organic steak, ground and made into 1/3 pound burgers - ready for the grill.Savor the delicious flavor of steak in every bite when you serve Premium Organic Steak Burgers.
  • Two 2-lb. pkgs. / 12 patties
  • $77.49
  • - +
  • Four 2-lb. pkgs. / 24 Patties
  • $142.89
  • - +
  • Eight 2-lb. pkgs. / 48 Patties
  • $269.00
  • - +

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Building the world's best burger begins with the highest quality meat. Our 85% lean 15 % fat steak burgers are a blend of organic steak, ground and made into 1/3 pound burgers - ready for the grill. Savor the delicious flavor of steak in every bite when you serve Premium Organic Steak Burgers.

If you have questions about this product, please call 877.662.6328.

Cooking: Use a skillet or grill to brown and cook patties to 160 °F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat. Remove from heat and serve.

Handling: Organic Prairie meats are frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum sealed in air-tight packages to preserve optimum taste, flavor and freshness. Store in your freezer and thaw meat in the refrigerator or by microwave before cooking.

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Write a Review
Great burgers
These are great burgers. The patties are individually sealed so it's very convenient for single people. :) They thaw very quickly and taste great. They are very flavorful, juicy and delicious.
Full of flavor and just the right size
Susan Gillotti
At last, organic hamburgers that aren't boasting about how big they are! The box they come in doesn't take up freezer space, and the 6 oz. patties are easy to remove from their individual wrapping.
Simply a great burger
Cliff Yager
Excellent burger with great taste. A must for summer time cook-outs.
The Best
Debby Carraway
These are THE BEST, many cooking options,excellent taste, thaw quickly when needed, exact portion control, these are ALWAYS in the freezer!
Best Burgers
These burgers are hands down the best-tasting I've ever found. Worth the price.
Janet Lacetera
My husband was amazed at the quality and taste. He said ..."he would never purchase another piece of Super Market Meat again." He loves the burgers. Usually I avoid meat for ethical and health reason. I am now willing to try your burgers since your animals are humanely raised and free of anti-biotics. You have made both of us very happy.
Steak burgers
Sara Eslinger
Very good. After a long and cold winter, it was wonderful to put these on the grill. The smell was awesome. They're nice and thick, don't shrink much after cooking (which I found happens a lot with other organic brands). Very good!
Great Organic Burgers!!
Kenneth King
Received my first order from Oragnic Prairie yesterday and cooked these burgers and they are terrific. Great taste and organic too. You can't go wrong buying these burgers.
Marvis Hinson
These burgers fit the bill with flavor and quality.
You won't go wrong in picking up a pack of these great-tasting, juicy burgers. One is enough for a meal for me and they don't 'shrink' when you cook them ...wonderful flavor!
James Hunnel
Sent these burgers to my son said wow Best burgers he tasted.
James Hunnel
Son said Wow when he tasted them
My go burger
Lori Nakamura-Higa
Sometimes I just like a good 100% burger, without all of the antibiotics, GMOs, and confined inhumane conditions you get with conventional beef. I like knowing I'm serving my family a nutritious, clean burger, and this burger does it, and it tastes absolutely delish! I'm glad you offer specials, as that's when I stock up. Plus the delivery service is quick and the products are always delivered rock, solid frozen, and I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. :)
steak burgers
Janet Cameron
I think the steak burgers are really very good.
Joyce Montanari
These are so good and so very convenient. They taste like beef should taste!
Organic Steak Burgers
Great tasting, individually wrapped for convenience
steak burgers
Tina Solari
always a great addition to our Barbeque! excellent quality meat!
Thank You
Fred Bilello
Product arrived hard as a rock. Burgers delicious. Wish you had buns to complement the main event.
These are excellent burger patties. There was no shrinkage, very flavorful, and a genuine crowd pleaser. We highly recommend this product!
The best ever!
Best of the Best!
Peggy Letrent
I've tried a lot of different beef patties over the years and I can say without hesitation that these patties are the best you can buy! They come each individually packed so you can take what you want out of the box. The beef patties are thick and do not shrink when cooked. The taste is beyond expressing. If you have not purchased these patties you should do so! They are truly unbeatable!
Always in the freezer!
Susan Gillotti
I can't live without Organic Prairie's beef burgers. They're individually wrapped, six ounces instead of everyone else's eight, and just the right thickness. Also, if you buy a four-pack in addition of a two-pack at the same time, the shipping is free!
family chef
Joe Carrol Hefley
Delicious anytime!
I love these breakfast sausages for their convenience. I add them to dinner or breakfast with our own organic eggs and homemade toast. This meat makes an excellent meal. I always make sure I have these stocked in my freezer.
Steak Burgers
Yolanda Elliott
I simply love these steak burgers. They are very versatile. I use them crumbled in pasta dishes, crumble scrabbled w/eggs (whites), in soups and as burgers. They are very succulent and hold flavor extremely well. The overall taste (raw) is very clean and fresh. Cooked w/anything these patties deliver.
Disappointed with the Burgers
Candace Parrish
I had previously ordered the pot roast and it was divine but the burgers are nothing in comparison to the roast. Don't think I will order them again.
Gail Breen
We want to eat healthy food and have tried other organic burgers, and yours are FANTASTIC. My husband LOVES them and now we are both happy!
Burgers are great but too thick
My husband loves your burgers but he prefers his be thinner.
Will buy again!!!
Steak Burgers
Janet Bergeson
These are super delicious and handy to have around! Thaw quickly under cool water and they are ready to grill.
Had a large party for 70 people. Taste was excellent. Conveniently formed and packaged.
Wonderful burgers! Topped with spinach and feta cheese. Great taste. Meaty and full of flavor. Gave six to a friend and he loved them. Will order more, soon.
grass fed hamburger
Best flavor!
Worth Every Penny
Almost every single item I have ordered has been absolutely top notch, flavorful, tender and wonderful. Thanks!
Wendy D
These steak burgers are so incredibly flavorful. I will buy these again.
great customer service
Pat Martin
I was looking forward to receiving my hamburger patties but when they arrived they were room temperature. I called customer service and they checked the shipping status and saw that something happened with UPS and they took way too long to get her. They immediately sent another order which was perfect and frozen solid. Haven't eaten a burger yet but I am sure they will be awesome. Nice to have a company that has good food and good customer service.
Very good. Had big barbecue food was delicious.
I really love the beef hamburger steaks, so juicy and great taste.
This product is top notch.
Cathy M
One of the best hamburgers I've tasted. Also, I like the way that the burgers are vacuum-wrapped individually, because that makes it easy for me to pull just one out of the freezer. Great all around. Will definitely order from this company again.
Best hamburger ever
Betty S
I have purchased these organic steak patties many times. They are very moist and delicious. Serve as hamburgers, or as a hamburger steak with gravy. Individually wrapped and frozen when you receive. They last a long time in the freezer and are quick and easy to fix. A definite winner.
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