Organic Ground Turkey

An unrivaled delivery device for any spice, sauce, or slather you choose! Our organic ground turkey plays well with other ingredients in any recipe you’d typically prepare with ground beef, but has a terrific, mild flavor all its own that’s worthy of standing alone.
  • Two 12-oz. pkgs.
  • $27.99
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  • Five 12-oz. pkgs
  • $61.99
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  • Ten 12-oz. pkgs
    SKU TGRD10
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An unrivaled delivery device for any spice, sauce, or slather you choose! Our organic ground turkey plays well with other ingredients in any recipe you’d typically prepare with ground beef, but has a terrific, mild flavor all its own that’s worthy of standing alone.
Cooking: Stir and brown in a skillet until the meat is no longer pink. For patties, cook on the skillet or grill until the internal temperature reaches 160°F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat. Remove from heat and serve. Organic Ground Turkey can be used as a supplement or substitute for beef in your oven cooked recipes, such as meat loaf. Cook to an internal temperature of 160°F, remove from heat and let rest for three minutes before serving.

Handling: Organic Prairie meats are frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum sealed in air-tight packages to preserve optimum taste, flavor and freshness. Store in your freezer and thaw meat in the refrigerator or by microwave before cooking.

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Write a Review
juicy and flavorful turkey
Melissa Anderson
My picky husband + daughter even said it was pretty awesome tasting. We made turkey burgers - good with or without any condiments! I wish the website would show some of the turkey farmers.
Fantastic Humanely Raised Turkey
Anita Martinada
The fact that the turkey is humanely raised is extremely important to me and this turkey tastes great! I use it in turkey spaghetti and my family loves it. Thanks to all you farmers for caring.
12 oz pkg ground turkey
S Quayle
I've been using this for years purchased from Whole Foods. This tasted even better directly from OP in a recent batch of chili. I would certainly order this again.
Org Ground Turkey
S Quayle
Organic, handy, delicious. Excellent taste. Perfect for chili, spaghetti sauce, tacos. Have been using this product for several years and never disappointed.
The ground turkey is good. I wish it was sold by the pound vs 12oz. It would be nice if the packaging it came in wasn't styrofoam. Currently, this is my only option to get organic ground turkey so I will keep ordering until I can find a local option.
Dry Ice Works!
Sue G.
Even after several days of travel to steamy south Florida and no dry ice remaining, all the food had remained frozen! Perhaps the "up to 6% retained water" helped freeze it extra hard. Was wonderful in the Mexican Taco Skillet!
Ground Turkey
Ground Turkey arrived packaged wonderfully. It was still frozen. The best part is the taste - it was the best!
Awesome Ground Turkey
Cynthia Browning
I've eaten a lot of ground turkey in my life and this is the best!. They can't even keep it in stock. No hard unchewable things in the meat and crumbles nicely. I make baked meatballs for the week and crockpot chili and they are great.
Ground Turkey
The ground turkey was great, my family loved them.
Organic ground turkey is awesome
Ann Dypwick
Great hight quality product! Fast delivery packed well and came frozen solid to TX :)
Mahoney Cobb
The taste was great! My shipment arrived in a timely manner and was fully frozen.
Makes a Really Tasty Burger
I finally found a great tasting turkey as the main ingredient to add to my mix for making a delicious burger.
Lean Ground turkey excellent!
Marilyn Sterns
The best lean ground turkey ever. No additives such as sodium. Great quality and taste.
Organic ground turkey
Debra Marunde
I was surprised that the organic ground turkey had more calories than the organic ground beef I get. How can this be?
Excellent product
Best quality i have found
Ground turkey
perfect for replacing chicken or beef . keeps well in freezer and thaws quickly. no fillers. no gristle. tastes great! trty it.
Ground Turkey
This ground turkey arrived quickly, still frozen, packaged nicely. The turkey tastes good, I made turkey sausage, which I've been eating for breakfast. Thank you!
Finally...Organic Turkey...not as expensive as it appears.
Juliet Evans
There is so much that can be done with this turkey. Having this organic option is perfect. I have ordered it twice now, the first time it was on a special sale. The second order was at full price. When including shipping it seems expensive, but each box can make up to 15 meals. You can saute the turkey with veggies or make it into a burger, meatballs or even homemade sausage. The packaging is perfect and it arrives frozen solid.
Best Ground Turkey Ever
I've tried all the Organic Turkey I could find at my local supermarkets. Kroger's Organic Turkey has a VERY wild flavor. I can manage to swallow it but the hubby and my daughter never liked it. Then I tried Sprouts organic ground turkey and it was better, but nothing in comparison to Organic Prairie's Ground Turkey. I ordered both the lean and the regular to do a side by side comparison of the 2. Neither of them has that wild taste which is great. The regular ground turkey is a bit more juicy. I will continue to order both from Organic Prairie from now on. I'm sold!!
The best tasting ground turkey!
Ann Dypwick
For sure the best I've ever tasted! I highly recommend this!! It's easy ordering and fast delivery too!
What can I say???
FABULOUS organic food, non GMO..Prompt delivery.. WHAT is there NOT to love??? Isn't the first.. WON'T be the last that I buy from them!!! :)
Wendy Martin
I purchased 10 1-lb packs of ground turkey, and 10 1-lb packs of ground chicken. I chose to order from a more expansive website rather than shop at my local supermarket sue to the brand's commitment to the welfare of animals and what I thought, also the environment. I was incredibly disappointed to receive my order in a styrofoam cooler! Have purchased from other similar websites/brands/communities who ship in recyclable cardboard. Will not be purchasing from them again!
Owner Response: Thank you for your feedback regarding our coolers, Wendy! We are working towards a 100% recycled container that allows us to get products to you fully frozen! We enjoy hearing from our consumers having the same compassion about Animal and Environmental welfare as it will always be a pillar of our mission! You can learn more about us here:
Full of water and horrible consistency. Reminds me of the pink slime from McDonald's that was in the news a few years ago. I'll take the organic stuff from Costco any day.
This is THE best ground turkey I've ever had. I went to it originally as it was organic and also did not contain rosemary as most other commercial ground turkey items do (I'm allergic to rosemary). But outside of that, the taste of this ground turkey is just simply hands down ten times better than any other ground turkey. I did finally find it at a local organic store for less than what I paid online - so that is a good thing, too, to have easy access to it going forward.
Very good
The ground turkey has really good flavor! It tastes like roasted turkey. The roll was easily defrosted in the refrigerator. I do wish that I could make it into turkey burgers before it is frozen, though.
Suzanne C
The ground turkey is amazing. Best turkey burgers we've ever made. Very moist and flavorful and so healthy. This is our 3rd order. Well worth the extra money.
Ground turkey
Mike W
My favorite product that you offer..Delicious,sweet taste..I use it in many dishes!!!
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