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Organic Diced Roast Beef

Organic Diced Roast Beef

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  • One - 2 lb pkg
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  • $16.49
  • Two - 2 lb pkgs
  • ID: BRDS2
  • $25.89
  • Five - 2lb pkgs.
  • ID: BRDS5
  • $53.00
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We hear you when you say you love our nitrate-free deli slices. Now we've given these sandwich staples a new spin. Using the trimmings from our manufacturing process, we've chopped the slices into the most versatile meat on the market, and we're passing the savings on to you! These small bits and pieces of roast beef are perfect for dishes like a frittata, macaroni salads, casseroles, calzones, omelets, soups and more! The possibilities are endless with this fully cooked and ready to use product. We recommend using within 18 months of the freeze by date on the package, and consuming within ten days after thawing for best quality.

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