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Organic BeefSummer Sausage

Organic Beef
Summer Sausage

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Five 12 oz. pkgs, Beef Summer Sausage - Garlic
ID: BSMSGG5 Price: $73.49 Quantity:
Five 12 oz. pkgs, Beef Summer Sausage - Jalapeno
ID: BSMSGJ5 Price: $73.49 Quantity:
Five 12-oz. Beef Summer Sausage
ID: BSMSG5 Price: $73.49 Quantity:
Ten 12 oz. pkgs, Beef Summer Sausage - Jalapeno
ID: BSMSGJ10 Price: $142.49 Quantity:
Ten 12 oz. pkgs, Beef Summer Sausage - Garlic
ID: BSMSGG10 Price: $142.49 Quantity:
Ten 12-oz. Beef Summer Sausage
ID: BSMSG10 Price: $142.49 Quantity:
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Summer Sausage
Jun 13, 2015  |  By Nancy
Very Good. I will buy again

!!! MUST BUY !!!
Jun 13, 2015  |  By Chad
Awesome taste and best of all its ORGANIC!

Jun 9, 2015  |  By M. Hallmark
Delicious! Will order again

Yum Yum
May 11, 2015  |  By DEEKEY
The most delicious I've had in a long long time. Recomend it

Apr 21, 2015  |  By Mike
Just the right amount of seasoning!

Mar 31, 2015  |  By Michael
Fantastic seasoning,texture and flavor!!!

Mar 8, 2015  |  By Michael
We absolutely love how this tastes.

Love it!
Jan 24, 2015  |  By Ann
We love this summer sausage and the roasted garlic variety. Too bad the prices have climbed so high, we probably won't be able to get them anymore.

Great stuff
Oct 18, 2014  |  By Ronda Dean
Awesome flavor

What's Not To Love?
Oct 14, 2014  |  By Marti
Firm, fragrant, flavorful! Pairs well with sharp cheddar or pepper jack cheese. That it is also organic makes this my go-to sausage.

Wonderful taste!!
Sep 8, 2014  |  By Susan Wakefield
We have enjoyed everything bought!! Have let many sample the hot dogs, ham and sausage. Everyone loved it!! Thank you!!

Jun 23, 2014  |  By Jean Weedman
Great snack food or appetizer!

Pretty tasty
Apr 30, 2014  |  By Zannadu
Pretty tasty - nice smoke flavor

Excellent Sausage
Mar 29, 2014  |  By Oscar Forsman
Bought this for home and also the snack table for weekly sauna night. Thumbs up from everyone. Good seasoning but not over the top. Solid not too fatty meat. Will definitely order again.

Mar 6, 2014  |  By Sherry
This is delicious! So glad we started to buy from Organic Prairie. We'll be buying all we can from them!

Great taste
Feb 25, 2014  |  By Paula
Like the beef sticks of old - not greasy at all. Not loaded with fat. Great seasoning and flavor. Definitely will be reordering this.

Summer Sausage
Feb 20, 2014  |  By Pamela L Bradford
Excellent Summer Sausage. When my granddaughters visit they always ask for the Summer Sausage

Organic Foods from Organic Prairie
Jan 31, 2014  |  By Dodie
I am transitioning to live my life fully and in harmony with all of nature. This means moving away from everything conventional to an all organic way of living. In times of past our ancestors honored the plants and animals that provided nourishment because they knew the energy of the plant and animal will fuse with their energy. A well cared for plant and animal - using only organic ingredients and sustainable practices makes for a positive and healthy me. I am grateful for the farmers of Organic Prairie. All the foods I have purchased from Organic Prairie are full of flavor and I know full of positive energy. I have enjoyed the beef summer sausage, burgers, chicken, turkey, and specialty sausages. In fact this is THE ONLY place I purchase my meat, they are consistent and reliable. Thank you Organic Prairie!!!

Dec 17, 2013  |  By jjm
This sausage is good. I give it as gifts too.

Nov 25, 2013  |  By LINDA
I have always loved summer sausage but gave it up because of all the unhealthy ingredients in it. This summer sausage is guilt free and taste great!!!! I won't be buying any other brand.

Beef Summer Sausage
Oct 31, 2013  |  By Mark
Can't get enough of it! Simply the best. Ordered second time, made it double batch.

Sep 26, 2013  |  By Homer
I have bought steaks, ham, pork chops,summer sausage and all products are superb.

Uncured Beef Salami
Sep 21, 2013  |  By Mark Fratu
We looked for a beef salami without nitrates. Ordered Organic Prairie and we absolutely LOVE it. Already at the second salami, so we'll order more in one week. The best we had since 2007 in Germany from a farm!!

Aug 27, 2013  |  By Jean Anhalt
Our persnickety son loves, loves, loves Organic Valley summer sausage for its perfect blend of spices!

Oct 19, 2012  |  By Kristi
I was CRAZY about summer sausage as a kid. As an adult, I became a vegetarian for awhile then gradually began adding carefully chosen meat back into my diet, mostly fish. I stumbled across this in my organic food cooperative and decided to give it a try. It's PERFECT!! I actually have to limit myself so I don't eat an entire 12 oz block in a matter of days. Yum yum yum.

Solid Meat!
Aug 3, 2012  |  By Katie Jeka
I bought four beef summer sausages for my husband's lunch, but snuck a little piece for myself. Oh my. Solid meat, very little fat, and so very tasty. My mouth is smiling!