7-step safety net

Our 7-Step Safety Net:

1. Organic Prairie meats are from animals that are raised on diverse, sustainable family farms which yield healthier animals, healthier people—a healthier planet.

2. Our meats are produced without the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Animals raised in harmony with nature don't need them.

3. Organic Prairie meats are from animals that are fed 100% GMO-free organic feed—NEVER any rendered animal by-products—and they're raised on pastures, not crowded conventional factory feedlots.

4. Our producers' farms, feed processing facilities and processing plants are annually inspected by independent, USDA/NOP accredited agencies. They meet or exceed every organic certification standard.

5. All Organic Prairie meat is tested for bacteria BEFORE it leaves our processing facilities.

6. Our producers maintain meticulous records on every animal they raise, ensuring the traceability of our products—forward and backward—from the farm to your family's table.

7. Organic Prairie guarantees a fair pay price to our producers, allowing us to uphold the standards of quality and safety that you deserve.