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OP meats are flash-frozen at the peak of freshness, then individually vacuum-sealed in air-tight packages to preserve taste, flavor and freshness.
Your order will ship frozen, carefully packaged with dry ice.

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Meet the Farmers
Meet a few of the more than 150 family farmers pioneering the organic meat industry with Organic Prairie
  • The Frantzen Family Farm
    Ten miles north of Newhampton, Iowa, Tom and Irene Frantzen manage their 300 acre certified organic farm that looks much as it did when folks settled it in the 1890s.
  • The Pedretti Family Farm
    If you had to choose just one word to sum up Fred Pedretti's farm life, "tradition" would be an obvious choice. Fred and his son Jason are the fourth and fifth generations to work the Pedretti farm in Southwestern Wisconsin.
  • The Peters Family Farm
    Roger Peters predates his farm by one year; that's how old he was when his father bought the land in 1959. Today, he and his father run a strong, diversified farm—one of the oldest in the Organic Prairie family.
  • The Rosmann Family Farm
    Ron Rosmann, with his wife, Maria, and their three children, is a true pioneer of organic farming. Ron went cold turkey on herbicides and pesticides on his crops in 1983, and started a rotational grazing program in 1990.
  • The Welsh Family Farm
    Clinton Welsh comes from good stock. He's the third generation of Welshes to work their family farm organically because Clint's grandfather, Bill Welsh, certified their Lansing, Iowa farm organic back in the early 1980's.