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Meet the Farmers

Meet a few of our co-op's owners - the family farmers who are pioneering the organic meat industry with Organic Prairie.

Tom, Irene, and James Frantzen

Frantzen Family

Ten miles north of Newhampton, Iowa, there's a three hundred acre certified organic farm that looks much as it did when folks settled it in... (more)

Fred and Jason Pedretti

Pedretti Family

If you had to choose just one word to sum up Fred Pedretti's farm life, "tradition" would be an obvious choice. His 360 acres stand at the top... (more)

Roger and Wayne Peters

Peters Family

Roger Peters predates his farm by one year; that's how old he was when his father bought the land in 1959. Roger, his father, and the farm... (more)

Ron and Maria Rosmann

Rosmann Family

Call him the accidental farmer: Ron Rosmann never intended to run his dad's operation. He left the farm and went to college at Iowa State... (more)

Welsh Family

Welsh Family

24 year-old Clinton Welsh comes from good stock. He's the third generation of Welsh’s to work their family farm organically because Clint’s... (more)